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Is Oilfield School a Path to a Working-Class Future or an Anchor to the Past?
Valentina Quinonez sets the teeth of her monkey wrench around a cockeyed pipe coupling, squares her shoulders to the wrench’s two-foot-long handle and braces against it. She stands hardly more than five feet tall in her
Top Ten Oil Producing Nations, Ranked
Crude oil is the most important source of energy in the world and, for now, has no significant substitute. It is a global commodity, with prices impacted by worldwide events. While just about every country in the world..
Alaska Railroad prepares for 1st US shipments of natural gas
The Alaska Railroad is making final preparations for the first U.S. rail shipments of liquefied natural gas, a fuel that could be used to alleviate air pollution problems in the state's second-largest city. The railroad
New Desalination Technology from Saudi Arabia Opens Doors to Higher Worldwide Clean Water Sources
The first, worldwide adsorption water desalination and cooling plant has been successfully implemented by King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) in August 2016. The project was initiated in April 2014....
Wastewater: A New Frontier for Water Recycling
It is now possible to imagine a future in which highly treated wastewater will be plumbed directly into California homes as a new drinking water supply. On September 8, the State Water Resources Control Board released...
Alberta approves three oilsands projects worth potential $4 billion in investments
The Alberta government has approved three oilsands projects that it says represent about $4 billion of potential investments, though it's unclear whether any of the projects will go ahead. The projects include.........
Gradiant Launches Oilfield Services Subsidiary Upon Continued Contract Wins
Gradiant, a technology company specializing in industrial water solutions and innovations, today announced the formation of its oilfield services company Gradiant Energy Services (GES). The wholly-owned subsidiary....
Here’s Where the Next Barrels of Alberta Oil Sands Production Will Come From
The next five years will be a crucial period for oil sands producers. According to the International Energy Agency, oil sands production will grow by 800,000 b/d over the next five years as existing projects are expanded
Even with disposal well shutdowns, Oklahoma's seismicity set to rumble for 'many years'
Some critics have shouted for state regulators to place a blanket moratorium on wastewater disposal from oil and gas production, which industry officials argue would be crippling, and science points to seismicity.....
See where Apache Corp. says it found billions of barrels of oil
Apache Corp. stock is among the top gainers this week after the energy company revealed an “immense” oil and gas reserve in a relatively unknown corner of west Texas.


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