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Bizarre fourth state of water discovered
You already know that water can have three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. But scientists at the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) have discovered that when it's put under extreme pressure in small spaces, the life-
Thermal In Situ (TIS) Water Publication
Since January 2012, the AER has been providing monthly and annual water use information in support of Directive 081: Water Disposal Limits and Reporting Requirements for Thermal In Situ Oil Sands Schemes. Users can use..
Water a key tool for Tulsa's economy that's often overlooked
The headline from Gov. Mary Fallin’s recent visit to Tulsa was about Williams Cos., but her visit, at least to me, was a lot about water. Before I pressed the red button on my phone, she asked me where I was from and I..
Costliest Crudes Get a Lift as Cars Crowd Beijing and Mumbai
The world’s costliest types of oil are keeping their premium status thanks to the aspirations of the middle class in China and India as well as America’s love of road trips. Prices of cleaner, less-sulfurous, light crude
Desalination solutions earn Black & Veatch Global Water Award
Black & Veatch, a global leader in alternative water supply solutions, received the Distinction Award for Desalination Company of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Summit. Black & Veatch captured the award based.....
Even Before the Drought, Caltech Set Sights on Water Conservation
The California drought has become increasingly dire since its onset in 2012, recently prompting state officials to implement mandatory water use reductions of 25 percent. Various municipalities, including Pasadena, have
San Francisco passes law requiring new buildings to be topped with solar panels
San Francisco has passed a law requiring all new buildings below 10 stories to have solar panels installed on their rooftops. It becomes the first major US city to mandate solar panel installations on new constructions..
Michigan dairy farm produces electricity
Brian Geerlings estimates his 2,000 cows produce enough milk each day to supply each resident of Grand Rapids with an 8-ounce glass of milk. But that's not all his cows produce. Thanks to three "anaerobic digesters"...
Europe Can Thank US Shale For its Cheap Natural Gas
There’s a natural gas price war looming in Europe, and it has everything to do with cargoes of liquified natural gas (LNG) being loaded onto ships in Louisiana, across the Atlantic. Russia’s state-owned gas company....
PRCI Establishes Research Objectives to Address Key Challenges Facing the Pipeline Industry
As part of the enhancements to its governance and research models to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, PRCI has responded to the need to prioritize and execute key research initiatives in a timely...


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