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Tamarack Valley Energy Closes Acquisition and Increases Borrowing Base to $220 Million
Immediately prior to the closing of the acquisition, Spur conveyed all of its non-Viking assets to a newly formed private company, to be led by the former Spur management team. As a result Tamarack acquired all of....
Stepping on the Accelerator: Parsley Energy Snags $607 Million in Midland, Delaware Assets
Parsley Energy, Inc. (ticker: PE) has entered into unrelated transactions for undeveloped acreage and producing oil and gas properties adjacent to its existing operating areas in the Midland and Southern Delaware Basins.
MEG Energy announces $400 million project to boost oilsands production
Oilsands producer MEG Energy Corp. says it will spend $400 million over the next two years on a brownfield expansion plan to add 20,000 barrels per day of bitumen production from its northern Alberta works. The Calgary..
British Columbia approves oil pipeline to coast from Alberta
Canada's Pacific Coast province of British Columbia on Wednesday approved the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline from the Alberta oil sands that would allow oil exports to Asia. British Columbia Premier
Canada and Saskatchewan fund 28 projects to improve water, wastewater and transit infrastructure across the province
Investing in public infrastructure helps ensure that Canadians and their families have safe water to drink, wastewater systems they can rely on, and high-quality public transit systems that get them to work on time.....
Who Will Feed the Chinese Dragon?
While Beijing warily eyes U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, wondering if he’s serious about a trade war, China is also reassessing its exposure to Canada. The voracious energy consumer faces a raft of Canadian....
From Black Water to Green Energy
Humans have spent the last two centuries largely dependent on environmentally damaging fossil fuels for power, so when Jeff Moeller attended a workshop discussing ways to replace some of this energy with more sustainable
Canadian oil sands producers could fetch up to $15 more per barrel with this technology
Canadian oil sand producers would benefit from higher capacity of so-called “partial upgrading” technology, a method that would help them fetch higher prices while injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into.....
Why Saudi Arabia’s Water Has Disappeared
That Saudi Arabia is a water-scarce nation should surprise no one. The largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia is mostly barren desert, save some slightly wetter parts in the east. It is a fact.....
U.S. to become net exporter of energy
The United States will become a net exporter of energy within the next 15 years under most scenarios examined by the U.S. Department of Energy, according to a report released. The department’s Annual Energy Outlook 2017


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