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How To Evolve With Rising Water Prices
With each new regulation that is passed and source of funding that’s stretched, water utilities are being asked to do more with less. While consumers demand plentiful, convenient, and remarkably clean water in their...
Fracking Not The Source Of Water Contamination
Despite concerns about the environmental impacts of fracking, a new study finds it may be having little impact on water contamination in Colorado. Researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder, found that.....
Lakewood Midstream and Nemaha Environmental Services Form a Marketing Alliance
Lakewood Midstream LLC is pleased to announce a marketing alliance with Nemaha Environmental Services, a C3 Capital company. This new alliance brings Lakewood Midstream’s marketing, transportation and logistics together
Kineticor Announces 100 MW Peace River Power Project
Kineticor Resource Corp. ("Kineticor") announced today that it has entered into long term agreements with multiple oil and gas producers to construct, own and operate the 100 MW Peace River Power. The Project will...
Water from oil production is perfectly safe
Californians are known for their dedication to safe, fresh produce. So the media provides a steady stream of information regarding the state of the industry. However, false information is able to travel quickly when....
Several nonpowered dams along the Ohio River to be converted to hydroelectric
In 2016, nearly 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity generating capacity is expected to come online from dams that did not previously have electric generating units, commonly referred to as nonpowered dams NPD capacity
California Eyes Recycling Wastewater for Drinking
California’s drought has spurred interest in treating wastewater for drinking. For decades, some areas of the state, notably Orange County, have resorted to indirect potable reuse – treating wastewater to drinking water
Alberta Energy Regulator urges firms to step-up detection of pipeline leaks
The Alberta Energy Regulator is urging pipeline operators to do a better job of developing and maintaining programs to discover leaks after it examined nearly two-dozen spills over the last three years. The AER said....
New rules state Alberta tailings ponds must be reclaimed after 10 years
New requirements issued by the Alberta Energy Regulator target oilsands tailings ponds, requiring that they be ready to reclaim within 10 years of the end of a mine’s life. The new rules also include performance.....
Exxon is using drones -- to scout for whales
Drones are quickly becoming a game-changer in the oil and gas industry, as the flying robots perform otherwise costly and dangerous inspections of pipelines, offshore rigs and refineries. Exxon Mobil Corp. is one of many


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