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OriginClear Licensee Unveils Produced Water Cleanup Site at Industry Conference in Bakersfield
OriginClear Inc.announced that an OriginClear licensee will unveil a complete, modular system ("ECOPOD") – now in operation at an oil field near Bakersfield, California – to clean up produced water. The ECOPOD pilot....
Holland Services Completes Project Management for Produced Water Pipeline Located in New Mexico
Holland Services, a national leader in land services including upstream, midstream, and downstream for the energy and transportation industries, has successfully concluded its role as project manager for a produced water
Geothermal makeover eyed for Alberta's old oil wells
Disused oil and gas wells dotting Canada's energy heartland may bear fruit for Alberta's farmers under a proposal to use waste heat from the idle facilities to allow crops to grow, even in the country's harsh winter...
BioLargo’s AOS Filter: 100x More Effective and 10x Faster
BioLargo Inc. spent the last several years developing its breakthrough AOS Filter that is nearing a commercial tipping point. By combining a cutting-edge carbon matrix, iodine, and electrolysis, the technology rapidly...
Americans to Drink More Bottled Water Than Soda This Year
Perhaps it's a sign of Americans' increasing concern with health, a growing laziness about filling a water bottle at the tap, or even a fear of tap water contamination. But Americans are this year for the first time....
$40 Billion In Spending Planned For Canada’s Oil Sands
The oil sands of Alberta have attracted a lot of attention recently, not just because of the wildfires that took a lot of production offline in May, but also because of longer-term issues such as environmental protection
Cheaper, faster, more accurate method to quantify water in solid pharmaceuticals
Chemists at The University of Texas at Arlington have invented a method to quantify water content in solid pharmaceutical drugs that is faster, cheaper, more accurate and more precise than Karl Fischer titration.......
Scientists turn CO2 into fuel with solar power
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago believe that they've perfected the art of photosynthetic solar cells. It's a technology that mimics a plant's ability to inhale carbon dioxide and, with water, convert
Tesla and Solar City agree to a $2.6 billion merger
Tesla has confirmed that it will buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion, a deal that unites two Elon Musk firms as one giant green company. The merged business will sell solar panels, Powerwall batteries to store the energy....
New EIA website spotlights key drivers of petroleum product prices
The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released the What Drives Petroleum Product Prices website that identifies and tracks several fundamental and financial market factors that influence spot and futures


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