Journey Management

Supervising personnel travelling in the field is critical to any Safety Program. The PlanGlobal Service Center uses the newest technology, including internet and Smart Phone applications, to ensure all company journeys are recorded as quickly and efficiently as possible. Reducing time spent doing paperwork allows time to be spent on other more important tasks. Journeys are created and stored online to provide customized reporting and audit capabilities. Companies remain compliant with government regulators and customers with the click of a button. Companies that implement PlanGlobal`s managed service realize:

  • Improvement in Personnel Safety
  • Reduction in Administrative Costs
  • Improvement in Workflow
  • Reduction in Non-Compliance

How does Journey Management Work?

The Service Center prepares an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) with a company’s management and safety team to define how long a trip must be for a journey to be booked with the Service Center. Personnel start, check-in, and end journeys with the Service Center during trips to ensure they are safe and reach their destination at in a reasonable time. In the event of road closures or severe weather, personnel call into the Service Center to inform of any delay and request a new route if required. If personnel fail to check-in with the Service Center at their scheduled time, the Service Center Team attempts contact with the driver before escalating to additional company personnel.  If a driver is not reached within the previously arranged ERP timeframe, the escalation process is followed.

PlanGlobal Journey Management is completely auditable and a complete list of past, present, and future journeys are available online at any time. Companies also receive a monthly report with a breakdown of each journey over the previous month.

Service Components

Whether a vehicle has an existing web-enabled GPS personal tracking solution or not, the Journey Management service provides Clients with:

  • Trip Management
  • Callout Escalation
  • Re-Routing
  • Traffic/Weather Alerts
  • Journey Reports

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