Wellsite Optimization

The Control Center provides trained technicians and Engineers to review your well production data on a monthly basis to provide Production Improvement Proposals throughout the year. The Wellsite Optimization service is designed to optimize a company’s producing assets through data analysis and hardware/system reviews throughout the primary and secondary life cycles of oil and gas wellsites. Our service is designed to assist production engineers overburdened with too many wellsites and enable them to quickly understand the current state of each welliste without having to track down data and perform the analysis on their own. Companies that implement our managed service can realize:

  • Improvement in Recoverable Reserves
  • Reduction in Engineering Costs
  • Improvement in Pump Performance
  • Reduction in Production Decline Curve
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs

How does Wellsite Optimization Work?

The Control Center reviews real time production data and pump performance through proven engineer models and analysis tools to ensure optimal well production. The Control Center continually refines pump control parameters remotely to ensure that as your well enters into its various life stages you continue to retain a higher than average recovery rate. We utilize existing web-enabled SCADA systems on remote wellsites in conjunction with our proprietary tools to provide individual well reports giving you the solution to maximizing your production. Specifically our team:

  • Review Well Shut-in Schedules
  • Review SCADA and Pump Solution
  • Analyze Production Data
  • Optimize Controller Settings
  • Analyze Pump Card Data
  • Prepare Production Improvement Proposals

Service Components

Once integrated with your existing web-enabled SCADA systems, our Wellsite Supervision and Control service provides Clients with:

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Gas Controller Optimization Management
  • Oil Controller Optimization Management
  • Standard and Customizable Reports
  • Production Improvement Proposals

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