Meter Management

Remaining in good standing with government regulators is essential in today’s oil and gas industry. The PlanGlobal Control Center provides remote meter reviews and inspections tracking to ensure your meters are reporting correctly. This service is designed to review your production data and ensure your meters are recording correctly and have optimal calibration/inspection schedules. Companies that implement our managed service can realize:

  • Improvement in Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduction in Administrative Costs
  • Improvement in Maintenance Scheduling
  • Reduction in Operations Costs per Boe

How does Meter Management Work?

The Control Center using the data collected on remote wellsites equipped with web-enabled SCADA systems analyzes real time well data and compares it against meter parameters to identify meters and sensors requiring recalibration or maintenance. The Control Center reviews, reports, and updates meter data to ensure you remain compliant with government bodies for calibrations/inspection periods and inputs data such as gas analysis and orifice plate changes into your system. In addition, we track when assets are approaching their government regulated inspection periods in an effort to improve your ability to plan your maintenance schedules based on real time wellsite information. In the process, you’ll drive down maintenance costs and make compliance reporting simpler and faster. Specifically our operators:

  • Monitor and Review PVR Data
  • Update System Flow Parameters
  • Track and Report Meter Inspection/Calibration Periods
  • Update Missing or Incomplete Production Data

Service Components

Once integrated with your existing web-enabled SCADA systems, our Meter Management service provides Clients with:

  • Flow Parameter Management
  • Meter Inspection/Calibration Tracking
  • Meter Parameter Review
  • PVR Review
  • Standard and Customizable Reports

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